Just a question about SFV if possible.

1- Opus have internally SFV checker?

2- Is it possible have a column with status of SFV? I try to explain better: I have lot of folder with SFV file for each. I need to have a column for check the status of the SFV check. Es if the SFV is complete I need to have "OK" in the column. If there are some missing file I need to have "3 missing file".

Do you think if possible to implement this things?

Thanks in advance

Opus has build in MD5 and SHA-1 support but doesn't have anything built-in to check .SFV files.

You should be able to write a script column to check them, using the built-in methods for getting the checksums. You'd need to write your own logic for deciding where the .SFV file comes from (if it's not in the same dir as the other files) and what to do if more than one .SFV file was in the same folder. Caching of the checksums/hashes would be up to you as well, if desired.

Personally, I just use a tool like Quick SFV and double-click the SFV file when I want to check it, but I don't use them that often.