SHA-256 checksums

Any plans to implement support for SHA-256 checksums under the Edit > Copy Other menu?

None currently. What do you need them for? I still typically only see MD5 and SHA1 being used in my travels, which are the two Opus supports. (There are lots and lots of others in addition to SHA-256.)

Linux ISOs mainly.

Are there some which only use SHA-256? It seems like an odd thing to do as it's much less common than the other two.

I checked out Ubuntu and it has checksums in MD4, SHA1 and SHA-265 ( )

Today's release of Fedora seems to only use SHA-256.

Thanks, I see what you mean (here). First time I've seen only SHA256 (and PGP) used.

Same. I did look for MD5 and SHA-1 first, but was surprised to see SHA-256 only. No worries, I'll grab some standalone hash calculator to verify the ISO.

I'm a hashtab 5.1 user. Here are a couple of threads with other suggestions:


FileZilla is now only providing a SHA-512 checksum. Have the plans changed re adding SHA-256/512 support?

Could you calculate this with a script button?
This looks promising

Good thing we didn't waste time implementing SHA-256 if it's already obsolete.

The SHA-512 checksums are so long that I wonder if it's even worth displaying them in a column where you have to manually verify them.

It would be nice if Opus would compare a calculated hash against one that is in clipboard.

e.g. I am now using a 3rd party tool (that regretfully.. does not support SHA-256!) to do this:

  • I copy the hash-string (no matter if it is SHA-1, MD5, CRC32, either one is okay) from website to clipboard
  • rightclick the downloaded file
  • run the tool
    it compares with against what is in clipboard and gets me the results (Okay or not okay)

Maybe, one day, this could be in Opus as well?


A script could do that easily, for the supported hash types.

Undoubtedly . . . .

Already found a solution: Nirsoft Hashmyfile, portable, tagging in options:
'Mark Hash In Clipboard'
'Enable Explorer Context menu'


Would someone be good enough to write such a script? I'd do it myself if I possessed the know-how.

Posted: 'HashCompare' Script Command

See what you think...

I made an update to the script that adds a few things I thought made sense... and I'm now using this myself instead of my old stupid method of writing out the website hash to a text file, doing the same from Opus - and then comparing the two text files. This is much easier - so thanks for the idea! Even if nobody else uses it - I will... :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I'll post feedback in the relevant thread.


it would be very convenient if directory opus could compute SHA-256 and SHA-512 hashes, as they are used more and more nowadays.
I know there are a lot of third party tools that can do the job (hashtab, hashcheck, rapidcrc unicode, ...) but none of them is as productive as the internal functions of directory opus.

It would be nice at least to allow the call of a dll to add external computation methods from directory opus.
Do you think this may be possible ?