Shadow Copies for Windows 10

Since Windows 10 requires an external backup source for previous file versions, and their shadow copies don't seem to be made or the ones that are made are not good enough for previous versions (they seem to be only partially copied and pretty much everything is corrupted) I had to come up with something that would replicate the Windows 7 previous versions via shadow copies. It took some digging around the internet but I found a command script that creates manual shadow copies on a specified drive. I made a button that with a click creates those copies. These manually created copies are just as good as the ones created in Windows 7 and can be accessed throught the file properties just as before. This is the ONLY way to make sure you have quality copies. I have found that any other program or Windows feature that will create a restore point will not work.

This is the command if you want:

wmic shadowcopy call create Volume=C:\

I turned that command into a menu button and made buttons for every other drive I would like shadow copies for.

Oh, I also added the "Own This!" script, which basically breaks the ownership of a file and makes it yours.

I am not sure if this button can be used for any computer other than mine, but I am attaching it, you can easily remove or change it so that whatever drive you like is represented.

Shadow Copy SSD Drive.dcf (1.3 KB)

Let me know if it works!


Is the own_this user command missing or am I too blind to see it? Maybe add a link if it's from a forum post.

Sorry, the OWN THIS came from a script that I got from here, I just jerry rigged it.
I will fix it, thanks!