Share context menu item not working


I just did the Windows 10 Spring 2018 update and I'm having a problem where the Share context menu option isn't working. I right-click a file, select Share, and nothing happens. However, if I do the same thing in plain old Windows File Explorer, I get the Windows Share dialog like expected.

Is anyone else seeing the same? And, does anyone have a solution?


The Share menu item has never worked outside of Explorer. It looks like Microsoft wrote it in a way that it only works in one place, and they hide it everywhere else (e.g. File > Open in Notepad).

(Update: Yes, looking into it in more detail, it looks like the Share context menu item just pushes a button on Explorer's ribbon toolbar, which obviously won't work anywhere else. I don't know why MS would implement a context menu extension this way as it isn't correct.)

For some reason it's showing up in Opus again, so we probably need to adjust the way we block it from our menus.

You can still share folders via right-click > Properties > Sharing.

Ok, thanks Leo. I'd never had cause to even try the Share functionality until this update with the Nearby Share. Sucks that MS implemented it wrong, but obviously not DO's fault. And thanks for that tip, it's a decent enough workaround.

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Under Win10 (Pro at least) there's a folder context menu item that says: Give access to -> Advanced sharing ... or Give access to -> Specific people ...

This either opens the Properties dialog at the Sharing tab or the Network Access dialog.
Both work fine under DOpus.