Shared folder overlay in Windows 7?


I'm just checking if DOpus could become my new file manager under Win7, using the test version... and finding out that MS has removed the shared folder overlay in Win7, I'm looking for a way to add it in DOpus.

Is there any way to get shared folders displayed as it was common before Win7 (I know it's possible in Total Commander), or am I out of luck with DOpus in this case?

I'm using DOpus 9.5.2 under Win7x64.


I don't have Win7 but can you not just change the folder icon manually for shared items ?

Yeah, you sure can Steve - but that's quite a chore if you're administering an active environment, never mind it's an added step where none ever used to be required before.

This has become quite the debacle, particularly for admins who are blasting MS for the same change made in Win2008 Server R2... The feedback from MS reps so far has been pretty comical. Answers like 'the overlay icon for shared folders was removed because it was causing ~cognitive overload~ for users' as well as other lame answers such as that 'the overlay icon didn't indicate helpful information about ~how~ the folder was shared - and was therefore not very useful'... which, if you look at the info you see in the details pane while a shared folder is "selected" then sure - useful info is certainly displayed. But that capability provides a completely different value than the quick "at a glance" visual cue that the icon overlay provides in realizing that one folder among many is even shared at all... MS suggesting that the info for a "selected" folder in the details pane is in any way a "replacement" for the icon overlay, not to mention "superior" to the overlay - is just plain absurd. The two provide different value - and if anything should compliment one another. If I'm considering making changes to my data where I'd first need to think about how such change might affect shared folders - how would I even know to select a particular folder to see all that nifty and helpful info in the details pane without first even knowing that a folder in my crosshairs was even being shared at all. Some other suggestions by MS about going to MMC to see if you have shared folders in your current working folder before making changes to data when we all just used to be able to do so as part of the workflow in the file manager we're performing the work from is just plain ADDING COMPLEXITY AND COSTING US TIME AND MONEY we didn't use to have to worry about before.


In any case, I think it would be a nifty value-add from GPSoft for Opus to be able to render the icon overlay for shared folders to make up for MS ridiculous decision to remove it without even providing a way of re-enabling it. TC apparently does indeed display it... though I doubt the capability being present in either it or my beloved Opus is going to cause droves of admins to rush out and gobble up licenses to install on all their servers :slight_smile:. That said, I think people are being far too easy on MS by acceding that it's not as big a deal on Win7 workstations or home PC's as it is on Servers. I think it pretty much SUCKS to have removed on home PC's as well.

Fair enough, I wasn't posting that as a great permanent solution, more a temporary fix to make life easier. :slight_smile:

Certainly - it wasn't a retort :slight_smile:. Just got me on that soapbox... fri@#$%^ MS with their craptastic design change decisions...

Well, the manual icon change is possible - but usually you want the overlay to be displayed in order to check what's shared. Of course, I could look up the computer in the network to see what folders are shared, but....

Anyway - yep, it's considered a missing feature in Win7, but one that's added by file managers (TotalCommander) - now, what do I have to do to ask for implementation in DOpus?

I prefer DOpus over TC (not just because it reminds me of my Amiga days..), but not having this feature would drive me nuts (I guess queued copying isn't going to make it soon into DOpus either?)...


You can make a feature request direct to GPSoftware.