Shared Folders Only Display After Opening Network In Explorer

Sometimes when I click on Network in Directory Opus, some of my shared folders in my network don't display.
But, if I open up Network in Explorer, all my shared folders immediately display in Explorer and Directory Opus.
I am finding I am having to perform this workaround sometimes to get Directory Opus to display some of my shared folders.

Any ideas why this is happening and how do I fix it?

Pretty much the same scenario for me. If I open Network in File Explorer, I can see the shared NAS folders in Dopus. The folders may remain for a day, but then disappear. They never go away from File Explorer.

Opus just calls the OS API for enumerating network folders, then shows the result. The API has never been very fast or reliable (going back to the Windows 95 days at least), but it seems Explorer has some way to force the OS to restart the enumeration if it seems to have failed, and if it does it broadcasts that to other applications so they also see the result.

Similar can happen with optical drives which do not report media eject/insert properly. I have one myself, half for testing this kind of thing, and neither Explorer nor Opus will notice when media is inserted into it, until Explorer is told to look at it explicitly, which fixes things somehow and then broadcasts the missed events both to other Explorer windows and to Opus and other programs using the same APIs.

Differences in network folders between programs could also be down to firewall software treating them in different ways, but then I would not expect the differences to go away when doing things in one program. It's also worth noting that the cache of network drives seems to be per-process in Windows, so you can see different results in different processes that started their queries at different times (e.g. too early in the boot process for the network to work). Explorer can fix OS issues and then generate events which make things retry their queries, but there's additional caching in the mix to complicate things further.

Well I can tell you this much, this is a relatively new issue for Opus. When Win10 was still in beta, and later in release in 2015, there were NO ISSUES with shared network files and folders. They were persistent and never failed to display. Then, somewhere along the timeline from release to now, either Microsoft or GP Software twiddled a bit here or there, and this problem I'm seeing now became chronic. I wish someone smarter than me would take this issue on. NAS installations have taken off when people discover they can "Cut The Cord" with the cable companies. Inexpensive and reliable Media Server devices such as QNAP or Synology make it happen. Is it a trade secret how Microsoft has enabled File Explorer? Couldn't Opus duplicate that functionality?

I thought this thread was going to die unanswered.
By the way. This issue still persists on all my computers.