Sharing My Directory Opus Setup - Inspired by Iconic User Interfaces

Hey everyone,

Excited to share my Directory Opus setup with you all! :star2: I've drawn inspiration from some iconic user interfaces to create a customized and efficient layout. Credit where credit is due: I would not have been able to design this without the help of my Creator Allah (S.W.T.); so Alhamdulillah (Ultimate Praise and Gratitude belongs to Allah).

Take a look at these screenshots and let me know your thoughts. Any kind of constructive feedback is welcome!

Inspiration Sources:

And here's a partial list of software I have taken UI inspiration from:

  1. Visual Studio: Incorporated the sleek and functional design for a professional touch.
  2. Windows 7: The simplicity and clarity of Windows 7 UI elements have been a significant influence.
  3. Ribbon UI: Borrowed some concepts from the Ribbon UI for a more intuitive navigation experience.
  4. Windows 8 Beta Aero Theme: Adopted the clean aesthetics of the beta Aero theme to enhance visual appeal.
  5. Metro Style UI: Integrated elements of Metro UI for a modern and streamlined look.
  6. Office 2003: Channeling the efficiency of Office 2003 for practicality and familiarity.

Allah (S.W.T.) has empowered me to take the best features from these interfaces to create a setup that aligns with my workflow seamlessly. Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts! :blush:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.