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it would be a lot more helpful if that item were to be created above or below the currently selected item<<
I still find myself dropping an item where I expected to be, and briefly wait for it to appear.

Commands - I have started to develop a button that will hold all of the commands in the different categories they exist in. One the categories will all the commands. On the bottom of every category the customize button exists. This will simplify my going into the customize menu directly to what I'm looking for.

With the help od Leo I have created a button that holes the items that would appear when you right-click "New". Truly cannot right-click but it's very easy for me to do the same thing with the click of a mouse or, using Dragon, I simply say "Click New".

Run an application (supported in Opus and Explorer)" items if they are in fact running an app instead <<
Not quite sure the problem. But I don have problem's in the past with commands calling an application. At times it would have to be reminded that when I use spaces in my path I need quotes.

You do seem to have positive experience with ShellToys. I have decided I am going to purchase, as long as it can work with opus that works for me.


Well said.

PSS I hope ShellToys is giving us as much exposure as we are given him.