Shortcut to always activate the left or right path fields?

Apparently in v11 you can now define the File Display toolbar to have different key assignments for left / right file displays. I would like to configure Shift+A to activate the left source path field, Shift+S to always activate the right path field, and F4 to behave as normal. (This specific key combo means one-handed control).

I have read the help file on this (eg Release History > Directory Opus 11), but cant work out two things I need to implement it:
Firstly, how does one enter more than one hotkey into the Hotkey box?
Secondly, what are the arguments required for this? The example given (driveroot,hidedesktopfolders,hidefavorites,size=0+0+0+3+3) does not seem to make enough sense to me after reading Path Field Configuration in the help (Customize > Creating your own buttons > Editing the Toolbar > Field Buttons) and the Breadcrumbs Configuration section (The full template for this keyword is size=++++). I made such a key for Shift+S and it did nothing.

Next, and related, I'd like to design a similar function to active the last file selected in the left or right panes (ie same as above but not the path field this time) as Shift+Z (left) and Shift+X (right).

Sorry to sound so dumb, but after spending an hour on these seemingly simple things, I give up and seek help.

Defining different hotkeys for the left and right file display toolbar is defined here:

Customize / Creating your own buttons / Command Editor / Using the Hotkey Control.

Thanks Leo (the man who never seems to sleep!). That will get me started.

Well, I am stuck at step one (dopus11.3, 64bit):
Using the The Command Editor, I cannot see any "Left / Right" options in the dropdown box for the hotkey in the File Display Toolbar. The other options are there (except for Original / Previous, also missing). So I cannot proceed.

They're here:

You'll only see them when editing things on the chosen file display toolbar, since no other toolbar has separate left and right copies of itself made automatically when using a dual file display.

I thought I was clear, but sorry I was not. I did work out that you have to be inside the Hotkey box to see the dropdown, but no matter which key I edit or if i start a new key, there is no option for Left or Right, as in your picture. Simply not there. Hence I am still stuck here.

Please show a screenshot of the lister in dual display mode, with the toolbar you're editing included in what we can see.

Its the same as this in any lister, or editing any hotkey (new or existing).
I have no idea which toolbar I am editing (this selective toolbar concept still has many confusing elements for me), I just selected Settings -> Customize Toolbars, and go from there to hotkeys.
(sorry the file is so big, otherwise you cant read it..)

It looks like you have the location field on another toolbar as well, and are editing that one.

I am still lost. I assume you mean red color indicates more than one hotkey in use. How can this be and how would I proceed? If multiple toolbars are open, how can I work out which toolbar they go with, and how can they both be operational? Many of my hotkeys have from 2-4 "duplicates" in red. The middle toolbar is my old one from dopus10, with dozens of functions and keys (I am not an expert user here, but slow and steady...) that took 4 years to tune to my needs.

Regardless, when I make a new key, eg Shift+S, not assigned any function in any toolbar, it still does not show me the left and right options to do what i asked in the topic.

..and its the same if close all toolbars, use defaults, then factory reset the toolbar on this lister. If I start a new command, there is no option for choosing to apply them to left/right listers.

Ignore the Keys page - just go into Customize mode and then double-click the Location field on either of the toolbars immediately above the file displays.

You can't add a new key and associate it with left or right - all you can do is add or change the key associated with an existing button on the special file display toolbar.

I did not see that info in the help file, I dont think its there. Seems a pretty critical point. Ok, now I see left and right, but I simply cannot make them work..

Try clearing the checkbox for the unwanted duplicate hotkeys in the Customize Keys list, so there are no conflicts. Do that before anything else, otherwise the problem may be that the wrong thing is reacting to the hotkey.

Or clean up your toolbars to remove the duplicates, or turn the extra toolbars off temporarily in case they are what's causing the problem. It's making things a lot more complicated than they need to be.

Thanks Leo, your first point helped somewhat. Your second point was already covered in my replies above (no tool bars at all, only the menu, and that set to factory default).
The first of my two original requests now works, but not as well as I hoped. If I select the left File Display toolbar with my newly working hotkey, I find that it wont select the Right File Display toolbar with my trusty new right hotkey, when starting from the position of the left File Display toolbar. The latter only works when NOT starting from the File Display toolbar, but from a file the file list. I assume this is no error, but it means the keys are much less useful than I hoped (tho still have value). What I wanted to do was to switch back and forth between the two File Display toolbars without clicking anything else in between (this relates to 10k folders in each dir, and my need to find specific ones quickly.

I hesitate to re-ask my second how I can design a similar function to active the last file selected in the left or right panes (ie same as above but not the path field this time) as for eg Shift+Z (left) and Shift+X (right). From Jon's comments, this cant be done unless starting from an existing hotkey that already has the left/right dropdown options/ (If you ask me this feature was oversold as I find it a bit crippled if you cant make a new left/right lister hotkey from scratch). My question is what arguments I need for such a key (eg, for the job above the arguments were "driveroot,hidedesktopfolders,hidefavorites,size=0+0+0+3+3").

Despite my grumbling about this, I do appreciate the help (and patience) here. The best I have ever experienced anywhere.

If you want standalone hotkeys that affect a particular file display, you can create those as normal hotkeys. The feature was not "oversold" or "crippled"; it does everything it needs to do, which is allow elements on the File Display Toolbar -- the only toolbar that exists for both the left and right sides -- to have hotkeys specific to each side, which is something that could not be achieved via any existing method.

You don't need the special Left/Right designation for standalone hotkeys, and the feature is simply is not needed for the thing you are complaining about. Just create two separate hotkeys, one for each side, that run commands that work on a specific file display.

If you want hotkeys that makes the left and right file displays active, make one which runs Set SOURCE=Left and another which runs Set SOURCE=Right.

Set SOURCE=Left or Right is what I needed for the second part of my original question. Thanks.

However it has a similar limitation to that I described above. Essentially, when you use these keys WHEN starting from the position of having selected the path in either File Display toolbar, they dont work - ie it wont leave the current File Display toolbar that is presently in focus. Any workaround ideas? (the work fine if already in the file list of an active lister, so this is a relatively minor request).

If the path field is active, it has its own hotkeys that override the standard ones. e.g. F4 will open the path field's drop-down, as is standard across Windows.

If you have activated the path field when you want to use a hotkey (maybe it's possible to avoid this in the first place? depends why you are doing it) then just push Esc to deactivate it and return focus to the file display, where you can then use the hotkey.

Thanks Leo, you are right, its as simple as "Esc"..
I have highly repetitive tasks and dont want to reach for that mouse. Dopus is reducing my RSI..