Shortcuts with relative reference

I want to make sure this is not available (or use it if it is!)
Alternatively stimulate any other suggestions.
I want to create shortcuts within a directory structure which references only the directory structure itself. If this is possible then I can port that structure anywhere and use the short cuts to move between folders within. So for example if I copy this structure comple with shortcuts to a different drive, the shortcuts will still work. Hope this made sense if not I will elaborate. Thanks for any reply...

Windows doesn't seem to let you create relative shortcuts. At least not via the Properties dialog.

If you only care about Opus then you could create buttons which do the navigation you want (e.g. Go "..\Moo") and then drag them to the folders to create .dcf files that you can double-click just like a shortcut.

Thanks. Fantastic. I am only interested in Opus. dont use anything else. It seems the easiest way for me to create more is to copy the one I did with your method, and edit it with a text editor. This seems to work. I see code in the cdf file as follows. Is this a piece of XML code then?


2008-02-00 Jan

Go "..\2008-01-00 Jan"


Editing by hand should be fine. Only problem might be with characters that need escaping but that's unlikely to be a problem with paths.

It is XML, yup.

BTW the XML gets mangled slightly by the forum if you post without disabling HTML, which happens if you use the Quick Reply form. If you compare the XML in your post to the original it'll be slightly different, at east the first line anyway. Something to watch out for.