Shorted date modified Rename Expression request

Hi. I want to rename file names based on attributes like the modified date. but in a shorter format. Please, Help me?
I used this expression
so the result is
2017-02-18 16;53;31
but I want to reformat it to this way
how can i do this?

You could use:


Or you could use:


Both will give the same result. The first one is slightly more efficient.

I'm using Persian date format and the result is not the same as yours, please take a look.1

Try this, maybe (adding I to the start of each format to make it use the 'system invariant locale'):


It didn't work. the result isthe same.

Can you show a screenshot of the rename dialog like the one above, so we can see what you're trying?

first of all, Here is my region and time format, and what I want.

This is my script and the result is shown in the preview section.

Could you show us what you get for this:

{date} {date|yyyy} {data|Iyyyy}

Edit -- Should have been:

{date} {date|yyyy} {date|Iyyyy}

The last one used data instead of date so the code didn't work. (My mistake!)

But comparing the results we can see to the first post:

Were you really getting 2017-02-18 ... originally?

I still get the wrong result, could you please change your region for a moment to test your result?

Please link your account for us to look at this in more detail.

I don't have an active account. Right now I'm using trial version for 60 days. Is it possible to handle my problem with some scripting or it cannot be solved with regular solutions.

From your forum activity, you've been trialling Opus 12 for a year and a half now.

If you want more of our time and help, please buy the program.