Shortened filenames?

Forgive me if this is an easy fix but is there a way for Directory Opus to display full character filenames? Because no matter what directory the files are displayed like FILENA~1, PICTUR~3, VIDE~2 etc. etc. and I can't seem to find the option to disable it. If this matters my current system locale is set to Japanese btw.

If you are using, or have used, certain pirate versions then they will cause that to happen.

If not (or you were using one but no longer are), contact GPSoftware for support.

I see, I'm using the evaluation version I'll try asking them then. thanks!

Lol, most 2-time-posters ask always the same (post 1) and answer "no pirated version" (post 2). After this you never see them posting again.

Maybe the "short filenames"-question should be set sticky at the top of the forum?!

No-one reads sticky posts. :slight_smile:

Besides, it's fun to catch out the pirates.

If you really would catch them... :wink:

I hope for new pirat-specials in DO10!

No, better new useful features.

These ARE useful features, just not from the point of view of licensed user :wink:

Admin, please lock this thread. This isn't constructive at all.

...but it's always fun to read. :slight_smile: