Show an Audio Wave Form

I'd like to have the viewer pane show the "wave" form (i.e. a visualization of the peaks and length of an audio file(such as .WAV or .MP3) rather than playing the audio. I'd guess there likely is an option, but, I can't seem to figure it out. Any ideas?

Thanks! Don F.

Never mind. I just found it. Clicking the box in the WAV form visualization plugin to display wave form in the viewer did it. Sorry.

I am now on an new win10 PC and can not figure out to show "Display waveform in viewer as well as thumbnails"
It has worked on my old PC.
And it was extremly usefull to get an overview from 3 GB long wav recordings of 3 h webinars.
I use Opus 12.27 and Settings > Preference> Plugins>and WAV is checked.
Opening "Configuration" shows me the button "Display waveform in viewer as well as thumbnails"
I can use the right click button "Play in Directory Opus" and a minimal player is shown,
but not the waveform.
Thanks for help


If the plugin you mention is enabled, you should see a waveform if you select a .wav file and open the preview pane.

Thanks for the confirmation.
Yes, its working.
it takes some seconds to generate the preview.
I have indexed the files on my Synology NAS. The files are shown, And the folder size is calculated.
And flat view is working.
Is there a way to show also the preview?
Thanks, dopu1948

Show it where / when?

(Please also link your account.)