Show any folder on first level


at the first level, in the folder tree, DOpus can show things like Libraries, or the Desktop. (Within the Desktop, DOpus can even optionally also show the virtual userfolder.)

However, I found no way to display a randomly chosen folder at a handy place, and have its subfolders be expandable in the folder tree. Neither does it work with quick access, nor with favorites, let alone displaying a user-chosen folder at first level or under the desktop item.

On the other hand I do see "Mac Files" and OneDrive in a handy place, on the same level as Recycling Bin and "This PC". I don't know how Parallels managed to place it there; it's obviously a virtual folder that corresponds to the Mac Harddrive accesed via network on the same MacBook. Basically what I would want is that Mac Desktop and Mac Downloads appear besides OneDrive/This PC etc., or in a similarly hand place, and ideally not using junctions or symlinks unless that's necessary.

Also I don't understand why quick access/favorite folders are not expandable in the tree?

Thanks for help!

There's no way to put an arbitrary folder in an arbitrary place in the folder tree.

Probably the same reason they aren't expandable in File Explorer. They're intended to be a compact list of shortcuts, not a duplication of the rest of the tree. If they expanded indefinitely as well, you'd lose the ability to quickly select any of the the items below them.