Show/hide toolbars per-lister

It would be very useful to be able to show/hide toolbars on a per-lister basis. TOOLBAR LOCAL allows toolbars to be turned on and off for a lister, but am I right in thinking that this cannot override the configured default toolbars? If TOOLBAR LOCAL TOGGLE/CLOSE could be made to work for configured toolbars as well, that would be great.

It would also be useful to save a toolbar configuration with lister layouts/styles, and also folder/content type formats. I usually use large dual listers, with plenty of space for toolbars, but on the occasions when I want to use a small single lister things end up cluttered and difficult to navigate. (Incidentally, the option of incorporating the location breadcrumbs into the lister title area [requested elsewhere] would also be helpful with this, assuming that it could be set on a per-lister basis).

I'd second the request for the same reason.

I have a mega-lister (lots of buttons, toolbars, dual display) but sometimes I prefer to work with 2 (or more) small windows. In that scenario I'd rather have a more scaled down toolbar and button setup.

The ability to configure specific toolbars with layouts has been on the request list for a long time now. I guess it's not as simple to add as we might think.

It won't hurt to request again to keep it fresh in GPSoftware's mind.

Sorry to dig out this old thread -- but it is exactly about my issue: it seems that since DO12, toolbars are saved with layouts.

Since I am only using one layout: can this feature be turned off such that changes to toolbars are always instantly saved (and applied globally)?

It is optional for each layout. You're asked if you want it when saving a layout, and you can also change it after the fact via the list of layouts in Preferences.

Additional: You still have to save changes via either Set as Default Toolbar Set (saves just the toolbars) or Set as Default Lister (saves the default lister, and also optionally updates the default toolbar set; it will ask when you do it). Otherwise changes you make are only temporary to the current window.

If you are only using one layout then there's no reason to use layouts at all; use the Default Lister instead. You can then have Opus set to automatically update the Default Lister when you close a window, and that will update its toolbars as well.

(Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Ignore toolbars of Default Lister should probably be off as well, in that case.)

Understood, thank you. Can I "save My Layout as Default Lister" somehow -- in order to retain all of My Layout's settings?

Load the layout, then save the default lister.

(Assuming your layout is only one window.)

Sorry I can't seem to see an option to save the default lister. Where do I find that option?

At least in Opus 12 (I think it's the same in 11), Set As Default Lister in the Settings menu.

Thanks, I found it there!

Strangely however, I had to factory reset the menubar in order to find that command.

For some reason, I have completely different menus on my customized toolbar that probably are like 10 years old or something. For example, have a "View" menu with lots of entries, while the standard factory menubar does not even have a "View" menu at all.

The standard v12 menubar has a View menu on my system.

Regards, AB

Strange. Not on my system. Is there a way to re-set only one certain toolbar (or the menu bar) to factory state selectively?

Right-click an empty space on the toolbar and choose the "Factory reset" command.

When you installed the Opus 12 beta it would have reset all your toolbars to defaults, so you obviously loaded your old ones back in - I'm not sure why you then think it's strange that your toolbars are different to the default ones :slight_smile:

I simply installed Opus Beta 12 on top of my current Opus 11 installation and it took over all my settings and customizations.

When I right clicked on an empty space on the menu toolbar and chose "factory reset" -- this is what I got:

Still looks pretty customized to me, and the help menu is missing again, this time completely :confused:

(click to enlarge to original 4K resolution)

The help menu is on the default Operations toolbar, not the Menu toolbar.

Regards, AB

I see, thanks.

If you go into that right-click menu, then Toolbars > Factory Reset Toolbars, then it will reset all of your toolbars, not just then one you've right-clicked.

(The green background image is presumably set as the default toolbar image in Preferences, so that won't be affected.)