Show Image as Icon in Lister instead of associated icon

It seems like years ago, I mean before Directory Opus, that there was some way to cause image files (jpg, bmp, etc.) as the icon instead of the icon associated with the program.

Anyway, that's what I would like to do using a lister. I know how to use thumbnails, lists, etc., so that's not the answer I am looking for. Thanks if you can help.

In the registry, in the class key for the particular file type, you used to be able to set %1 as the value for the DefaultIcon entry which would cause Windows to use the file itself for the icon. For example,

(Default) BitmapFile <-- .bmp filetype points to BitmapFile in this example - it might point to something else on your system

(Default) %1[/code]

No idea if it still works these days though!

Thanks. I don't think it works any more.