Show latest 100 files filter

I am trying to show only the X number of latest security videos in a folder of thousands of objects. I found the QuickFilter, but it's only by filename or attributes? How can I make this the "reverse sort by late, show a max number of files"? Is there also a way to set up the folder view refresh interval?

You could do the search, sort by date, then select by index and hide everything after the first 100 files.

Normally you'd just ignore the lower files though. Is there a reason driving the need to actually filter them out? e.g. Are they slowing things down? There may be a way to avoid that if so.

(If the files are regularly created by time/date, e.g. one per day, then there's an even easier way, but I'm assuming they aren't.)

Files are created on motion events.... so potentially thousands per hour. Generally, if an important event show in the thumbnail, I can jump to the folder and open the latest video which contains the event. As the day progresses and the files begin to get into the thousands, the folder can not update fast enough for me to grab the latest video. The files are FTPd to the remote folder on a NAS, where I am trying to filter them.

Would it be OK to move the files around once they are on the NAS, or do they need to stay in a single huge directory?

I'm thinking that a rename script which splits them into subfolders with 1000 (or however many is desired) files in each folder might be a good way to tackle it, since then you can browse the subfolders as normal, without any extra steps getting in the way.

They are already in a pretty deep folder structure camera name, year, month, and day, and several other scripts and home automation services rely on this structure. Moving them would break a lot of things.

My idea here is to just show the latest X number of videos (among the still and other files) so I can have options of how far back I want to review.

What are you trying to avoid though? The time it takes to read the large directories? Any solution is still going to have to do that.

Ok, that makes sense, since DO will have to ask for the list, then filter/sort it. I guess I'll figure out how to set and always have this folder go back to a particular sort/view. It's the only folder I want with this sort/view.


In the default toolbars, Folder > Folder Options opens a dialog with a Save button which lets you save the current setup for the current folder / sub-folders.