Show more info for the archive compression progress

I use 7zip, and because the Opus has superior* handling of the archival task vs. shell/7zFM I prefer to do my compression tasks by Opus' compression handler. However there is an inconvenience that there is no display of estimated time of completion and other interesting stuff such as current compression ratio.

Leo claimed it's a fiddly work to implement this (and I have no doubt about it), but that was in 2013 and Opus 10, so I hope a compression progress window could get some update too :slight_smile:


Opus has superior 7zip compression handling because you get a chance to Retry in case of some error (like out of space, device disconnected etc.), when in the exact same instance shell/7zFM will just spit out an error message with an OK button (and you lose 5 hours of compression progress, time and electricity costs).

That thread looks like it is about Zip which is handled internally, while 7z is via the archives plugin.

I thought time estimation was done for 7z archives now? Might be wrong. Not sure about Zip. No plans to add compression ratio to the progress dialog.

Nope, still no ETA displayed for either zip or 7zip.