Show only .rtf Files in directory

I was hoping that the following would show me only .rtf text files in the Excel directory:
go T:@Excel*.rtf\ VIEW=Details

No luck. Could use some help.

Go "T:\@Excel" VIEW=Details Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME *.rtf

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Leo either your an early riser or as bad as I am, a workaholic.
I would like to add display by "list". Right now I have it set at "detailed". Can you help me out.

It's the middle of the day where I am. :slight_smile:

Change "Details" to "List" in the command.

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Oh Yes. The DownUnder. When I was 20 I badly wanted to move there but as the years passed the opportunity never came. And here I sit in Germantown Wisconsin with the world champion Green Bay Packers. Oh well. Thanks they help Leo.

And now it's time for this workaholic to hit the sack.

Leo is in London. Other side of the page from Down Under... :slight_smile:

Regards, AB (Who really is Down Under)

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God save the Queen!