Show or Hide Lister Viewer Pane width

In DO.10, the pane width is shown always in what I describe as ultranarrow format until I manually resize it.

In DO.9x, the pane always shows almost perfectly wide, enough to be able to read a quick text file or adobe pdf

Why does DO.10 start the pane so narrow and how can I permanently set it wider similar to DO.9x ?

I don't think this changed between 9 and 10. The pane width (unless overridden by the command that opens it) is whatever it was when the default lister was saved.

So resize the pane, then use Settings -> Set as Default Lister.

The pane doesn't have to be turned on when you do that. It'll save the last used size.

(If you are using a layout or style instead of the default lister, you should update those instead.)

Sorry for digging this up, but I try to keep the width of the viewer pane after activating a style and fail to do so.
I tried to update the default lister (while viewer pane is open) and I tried to update the styles (dummy editing them), but still the viewer pane width is far from what I want it to be after choosing the style.

Try resizing the pane and then re-saving the style (by opening the list of styles from the lister toolbars, right-clicking the style, and choosing Update).

Also note that the pane size is stored as a percentage of the window width (or height of the pane is on the bottom instead of the right). So if the style was saved with a small lister, then applied to a large lister, the pane will be larger as well.

Whoo! I never used styles for some unknown reason, now I do! Thanks! o))

I never would have expected the style menu to have a context menu, is this the only place for a menu like this?
Is there a command to update the current active style as well? I searched the docs, could not find one.
I ask because, having a command on a button/menu to update a style probably is what I was looking for before.

That style editor seems to have some minor issues (I think), I will open new threads for these, if you dont' mind - I think you don't. o)

Thanks again Leo!