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Show resolution for mkv


I'm posting in the off topic section because it's not something that happens only in Directory Opus.
I noticed that .mkv doesn't show metadata in the columns. Is there something i can do?


Check this thread.

TL;DR: DOpus shows the same info as Windows Explorer does, (even a little more), what does Explorer show?

If it's affecting your whole system then it's likely codecs and/or a splitter/filter you have installed.


yes,i know. that's why i didn't post in help&support because it's not only about Directory Opus,but maybe here we have a script or soemthing


It's the installation/(mis)configuration of external codecs that cause this kind of problem, (especially 'Codec Packs'), not sure how a script is going to help you fix it.

FWIW, about the only thing I've found that needs external codecs are either Windows Media Player or you want to use a specific codec with a NLE. All the media players/transcoders/editors I've used, (a lot), don't require any installed, they provide their own libraries or executables.

The last post I mentioned a tool that could help you narrow down the problem.

If you don't want to go that way and it's system-wide then I guess the only other way to get the metadata you want is using a script to parse the files with something like MediaInfo and extract it for display in DOpus.

Getting up to speed with Python + sample script - the example just happens to be for MediaInfo


in fact i use Potplayer and Kmplayer. they don' tneed external codecs.

but i don't understand what i have to install. i don't read "install this and you'll see the data in the columns"