Show toolbar linked folders in the left lister every time

I use a lot of links to folders, accessible via toolbar buttons. With every new project I pull the needed folders from the lister to the toolbars for easy access. In customize mode it is done very quick. My question is, how can I force Dopus to show the content of the folder in the left lister every time. Standard is, that the folder is shown in the active lister. The background for that is, that I want to have easier access to my folders in file open/save dialogs. Since I have installed the tool Listary it is possible to switch to Dopus during file open/save dialog window of the program ist open, click on a folder in Dopus and switch back to the program, where now the active path from Dopus is the active path in the file/save dialog (this works for nearly all programs, sadly not with AutoCAD, my most used program). But this is only possible if the needed path is listed in the left lister. I hope, you understand my problem. If anybody have an easier way to do the same please let me know.

Edit the buttons, which should run something like

Go "C:\Your\Path"

and change them to

Go "C:\Your\Path" OPENINLEFT

Thank you Leo, it works perfectly!