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Show Websites in the viewer Pane

Perhaps it's a feature request, but I use google docs a lot and would love to see the previews in the view pane. So I'd like to view *.gsheet and *.gdoc files as well as any *.url shortcuts I might put in a folder.

Thank you.

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*.url should already work by default.

If *.gsheet and *.gdoc work in Internet Explorer, they may also work if you add them to the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin (on the Internet Explorer line). I'm not sure how those extensions are normally handled though.

Thanks. I've added .gsheet and.gdoc to the plugin. Now when I click it it trys to open in the preview but then it goes to download the file... which it does if I click open.

Thanks... I'll keep trying.

Unfortunately they don't, at least not in the older version of IE that is used at the moment. *.url will work, but most websites will complain about the old IE.

Yes, I got .url to work. (it was a .lnk, to a website, that didn't work, my mistake)
That'd be cool if DO had a browser plugin that could handle google docs. Something like this that wouldn't add too much to the file size but could stay logged into a google profile or even an office online profile.

Just an idea/suggestion.
Thank you again!

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The ability to open GDOC and sheets files is really the only thing keeping me from going all in on DO. There really isn't some other sort of plugin I could add to open these up without having to install Drive File Stream or Google Drive Sync thingy? Anyone know of another viewer I could add and just associate those google files with that viewer and use DO for everything else?

We may add Microsoft Edge (Chromium) support to the viewer pane in future. That and Internet Explorer are the only real options, since no other browsers support embedding in other software. Edge's support for this is still in beta but we've done some initial tests and it looks like it works well.

Any GDOC viewer that works in File Explorer should also work in Opus, too, if they exist. (If they don't, maybe it'd be worth suggesting to Google, since not being able to view documents like you can with Microsoft Office puts them at a disadvantage compared to Office.)

I'd also like to log a request this ability for .url preview handling in MS Edge (or Chromium-based browser).
I've been a DO user for a decade or so, using it everyday for research projects where I heavily depend on file previews of PDFs, .DOCs, RTFs, all kind of images etc, including .urls, to quickly scan through large volumes on information.
I previously used DO's preview window to quickly access and work on Google Docs files. To be able to edit documents and sheets right there alongside the directory/file list was an incredible productivity tool, especially since google docs are automatically saved in real time as you edit them.
Unfortunately google docs and sheets etc. no longer work well in the Microsoft Internet Explorer preview window that DO uses (even though I've updated IE to version 11). Other .URLs (such as wikipedia pages) also often preview a bit wonky, with e.g. inconsistent kerning etc.
Implementing robust .url preview support (including google docs) will get me to quickly upgrade from DO 10.5 pro to DO 12 pro :wink:

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Hi Leo

Any way I could use your experiments as I use Dopus for Knowledge Management and rely on the HTML preview. Javascript slide shows are not working in IE anymore and I'd dearly love to be able to view these in Dopus.



They aren't ready for release yet. The way Edge/Chromium works is still in flux so it's too early to finish that work.

I'm a software developer, so quite used to using pre-release things that break :wink:

(Having something incomplete / buggy rather than nothing at all is helpful)

Is there nothing that you are happy to share (disclaiming all warranties of course) presently?

Just checking in to see if you have gotten any closer to getting google docs to preview? It seems that Chromium version of Edge is (almost) finalized. I too would be willing to beta test anything if you offer a beta program. The only thing I have found that kind of opens google documents is an old program called gdocsopen, however Google no longer allows it to sign into accounts.

We are still waiting on Microsoft, in particular to provide a way to use both the 32-bit and 64-bit DLL from processes in the same folder.