Show ZIP Comment in status bar

I need to show the ZIP Comment (if any) in the status bar, of a ZIP file selected in DOpus, for example:

In the above example, "version 0.98" is the initial part of the ZIP Comment.

When hovering the mouse pointer over the ZIP Comment in the status bar, the whole ZIP Comment is shown in a flyover hint (if possible).

When clicking on the ZIP Comment in the status bar, the whole ZIP comment text is loaded in Notepad or shown in a DOpus window.

This would be very useful!

I think they are already included in the Description column, which can also be put into Infotips, or into the status bar using {sel:desc}

Leo, thanks for the information.

I have now put this into the status bar definition:

Name: <b>{sel:name}</b>{rpad}

However, the ZIP comment text now HIDES the name part:


The file name is: "" and should be fully visible. The ZIP Comment text should be ellipsed on the right side (obviously without hiding the subsequent elements). How to do this?

Hard to guess where the issue is with such a cropped view of the status bar, but try removing {rpad}.