Similar but not duplicates

Is it possible to find similar audio files among thousands, taking the "search for -file.wav" as example? I just tried and played with the options, but it didn't find anything. I guess no matter what option you put, it will always search for dups. I would love to see something like "Similarity" that show the percentage of the accuracy of the similar files.

What do you mean by "similar" in this case? Similar sounding audio? Similar names? Similar durations? How similar? What's the exact definition of "similar" that you need?

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Yes, similar sounding audio. The length might be different, the size, the duration, and etc. But let's say you have a sword whoosh, shotgun, background, or whatever you like for instance, I would like to use it as main sample to find other similar files to that one that I picked up. Then sort them by the percentage and match the closest ones from the list.

Have a look at

I tried it, it doesn't work with sound effects.

Hey Leo, I don't own Directory Opus personally, but a friend of mine does, and we were looking for a solution to this problem. Anyway, I'm planning to purchase the Software as soon as I can because I found out that's awesome.

I just need to know if it's possible to find a solution to the problems I listed, that would be great. Maybe with a script or something? I'm not so good at coding. If the MD5 Checksum finds duplicates, maybe you can also figure out a work around to list similar sounding audio files?

Thank you very much.

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