Simple Location bar / folder icon in navigation tree

Hi, I'm new to Directory Opus and I love it! I'm going to buy a licence really soon because I just installed Windows 7 and the new Explorer sucks in my opinion. I like the fact that Directory Opus offers a lot of settings/configurations.

  1. I would like to use a very dump/plain location bar: only a text field instead of the default "smart" location bar where you can click on each part of the path. Is it possible?

  2. How do I change the icon image of the folder in the navigation tree? I added the image I want to use to Preferences/Display/Images. But when I change "Folder Tree" to my image, it sets my image as the background of the tree. I only want to change the folder icon.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Settings > Customize > Commands Tab > All Commands > drag Path Field onto the toolbar:

  1. Have a look here if you want to change the folder icon: [Change the default folder icon in Opus)

Fast reply, thanks a lot Christiaan!

The only problem if that the "Path Field" doesn't take all the available space, like the default location bar. I's always 300px width...

When in Customize mode, right-click it and select the Full Width option.

Wow, it's amazing to see so much available configurations!!

Thanks a lot.