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Simple mp3 file renumbering



Simple little regexp to rename mp3 files with track first filenames...

given the following filenames:

01 - Artist - track.mp3
02 - Artist - track.mp3
03 - Artist - track.mp3

It will change the number to whatever you put in the sequential numbering section.

Took me ages to work out how to do it - Hope it is useful for any one else...

Also attached is a screenshot to show it in action.

Track Renumber.orp (212 Bytes)


I know it isn't the same thing, but I use this for a similar task:

I must have found it around here somewhere, such are my skills at these things.

I mention it to draw attention to the value of adding a leading 0 to the number, for those who like to maintain double-digit numbers.


Mine does that too if you put leading zeros in the from field in Sequential Numbering


I know, but because your example did not show that, I decided, as I explained, to add that to the very useful discussion you started.

There are usually many ways of doing things in Opus, it always helps to bring them together for the benefit of anyone who comes along later.

My only issue with your approach is that it is designed for a specific original filename. Any deviation could break it. Then again, that probably applies to the one that I must have dug up from the "buttons" section of this forum.


No worries - Not built on purpose for a specific filename although not tried it on other sorts of filenames though :smiley: