Simple rename question

I would like to rename images from something like "Image293.jpg" to "Image293 - 02-Feb-12.jpg". I´ve tried
a few variations of some similar Regex renames that i have here, but i can´t get it right. I never know, where to set
brackets or quotation marks etc. :confused: Can anyone help with the code?

Where does the date come from?

It comes from the dd'-'MMM'-'yy part i also use for creating new "date" type folders.
I´m assuming, that i copy/rename my files on the same date as the foto session took place,
so that would be alright. Basically the aim is, to make the names unique, because on some of my cameras
i already entered the next "lap" of image names, which would lead to many doublets naturally.

If you just want the current date, there's a button to do that in the default toolbars. Rename -> Time-Stamp Names.

Thanks for the tips. Actually

Rename PATTERN="*" TO="* - {date| dd'-'MMM'-'yy}" AUTORENAME TYPE=dirs Rename PATTERN="*.*" TO="* - {date| dd'-'MMM'-'yy}" AUTORENAME TYPE=files @nodeselect

almost does, only that the .jpg part disappears (losing the file type groups color for my image files). How can i make
the extension be untouched, only inserting the date?

You missed a .* that was in the 2nd line of the original button. :slight_smile:

Rename PATTERN="" TO=" - {date|yyyy-MM-dd} {time|HH-mm-ss}" AUTORENAME TYPE=dirs
Rename PATTERN="." TO="* - {date|yyyy-MM-dd} {time|HH-mm-ss}.*" AUTORENAME TYPE=files

Yep, that was it, works now perfectly :thumbsup:

With Fotos I'd use the "shootingtime" Exif Data to get the date the Image was taken so it's also setting the correct date when I do the renaming at another day:

Rename FILEINFO PATTERN="*.*" TO="* - {shootingtime|D#dd-MMM-yy}.*"

Thx kundal, that´s cool. It indeed happens sometimes, that i don´t rename on the original date, so
this is handy. :sunglasses: