Simple working PDF / Microsoft Viewer

Does Opus have an easy way to simply view (preferably not thumbnail) in the preview window any standard documents, like PDF or any document like Word, Excel, PowerPoint... ?
Not looking to purchase another App, like Quick View Plus or File View Plus. Opus ought to have these common viewers in the program.

There are several free PDF viewers which will work in both Opus and File Explorer. Adobe Reader, PDF-XChange and Sumatra are examples.

I don't know of any free Office viewers, but Microsoft Office itself comes with a viewer that works in Opus if you are already using that.

If you believe it's trivial to write your own PDF and Office viewer, there is also a viewer plugin SDK which you can use to make one as well, if none of the existing options please you. We are happy to help developers write plugins if needed.

Thank you Leo for such a quick reply.
I have Acrobat Reader and Pro, but Opus preview does nothing to see PDF. Is there something I have to do to make Opus work? I'll look into the ones you are referring to.
On another thought... I cannot find how o turn off the hidden folders / files in the default lister. Maybe you can help.

Reinstalling Adobe Reader sometimes repairs its preview handler. PDF software tends to fight with other PDF software over the registry entries involved, which is often fixed by reinstalling the one you want to use over the top of itself.

Going to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins and configuring the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin to see which PDF-related preview handlers are installed, and which (if any) currently have the .pdf extension assigned may also solve things. You can move the extension in there as well. (Changes made there will only affect Opus, not File Explorer, Outlook, or other programs that use preview handlers.)

PDF-XChange work, but Acrobat did not. It does not makes sense to me.
Thanks for your suggestions.

I use Foxit free PDF reader and Apache Open Office for the rest.

Thank you John :slight_smile: