Is there a way to speed-up the opening of folders when I single-click them ?

Pressing the "Enter" button on a directory link is real quick, I wish single-clicking would be as quick.

I am using DOpus v8.2.2.5U


Opus uses the time set in your Mouse settings (via Control Panel) for the double-click delay, so if you reduce this time it will reduce the single click time as well.

Hello Jon,

Thanks for your input. After changing the double-click delay in control panel mouse properties, I noticed some speed improvement while clicking on directory links. However, the display is not as quick as if I press the enter key on the directory link (or as quick as Servant Salamander).


Maybe you should just double-click like normal people then :slight_smile: It's not a web page after all.

No thanks, I avoid double-clicking as much as I can. Did you ask your developpers about my question ? There must be a reason why there is a time lag in Dopus when I single-click at an item. In fact, it is "as slow" as in plain vanilla Microsoft Explorer. Maybe your developpers simply reuse common Microsoft APIs ?

I explained why - Opus uses the system double-click time as the delay. This is to be compatible with Explorer.

I'm trying out this program and I like it so far, but I do have one really big complaint. It took me over 30 minutes to figure out how to make it so that single clicking in Directory Opus will open a file or a folder (Preferences -> Listers -> File Display). I have no idea why this preference is buried in your 20 or so preference tabs. I had to search through these forums to find out about the preference and got annoyed enough to write this post... The single clicking is on the FRONT tab of Explorer's Folder Options, which shows that Microsoft thinks it is an important user preference.

Normal people double-click? Do you mean novice computer users who don't know any better? I can't understand why anyone would want to click twice when you can click once. Can you imagine browsing the Web and having to click links twice for them to open? That would really suck, wouldn't it? This clearly isn't a web page, but I thought this program is geared toward power users rather than novices.

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Single-click is a complete pita when you want to select multiple files that aren't necessarily consecutive in the lister. Real PowerUsers use powermode :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Type "single click" into the filter in the Preferences window and you will find the option instantly.

  2. Opus has about 1000x the number of options that Explorer has so it's no surprise that it can take a bit more time or thought to find the options. That's the price you pay for having more options.

  3. With single-click set to launch things, selecting things is more difficult, and I think most people using a file manager select things more often than they launch things (else what are they gaining from the file manager?) so it seems likely that most people, including experienced users, don't turn on single-click mode. That said, I'm surprised by the number who do! (I find single-click mode horrible myself and I always assumed the only people who used it were those who found it painful to double-click due to RSI or a similar injury.)

  4. Web browsers and file managers are totally different beasts. You rarely want to select links in a web browser (and you can drag-select the text when you do) but in a file manager most people select more than they launch.

  5. I don't know how anyone can stand the way stuff becomes selected (deselecting everything else, too) in single-click mode when you just hover over something. Urgh!

I use Details mode. :slight_smile: (Middle-click to toggle select. Marvellous.)

Thanks nudel for the detailed response and the tip on using the filter to find preferences. Sorry if I sounded like an ass earlier - even though I am one - I was just irritated at the time. Like I said, I really like this program and I'll probably buy a license before my trial period ends. I understand single-clicking or double-clicking is a personal preference, and I didn't mean to possibly offend anyone.

I do want to defend single-click mode a little. I've been using single-click mode since about the time that Microsoft first added it to Windows. The main advantage is that it's really convenient for selecting and opening a specific file because you only have to click once. If you're completely replacing Windows Explorer, then a lot of your users are going to be selecting single files that they've downloaded such as movies or PDF documents.

For selecting more than one file, I find it simple to create a selection box (as in holding down the left mouse button) over the files I want. I can also hold down control while doing that to deselect or select specific files. Using a selection box to select files is the same speed in either mode. If you're selecting multiple files located non-consecutively in a directory, then hovering over the specific files to select them in single-click mode is most likely about the same speed as your fastest clicking in double-click mode. So... I don't see how double-click mode is any better for file selection. For file management, it's the same ease to cut, copy, paste, move files, or whatever in either mode.

Selecting multiple files in double-click mode is as simple as holding down ctrl and left clicking the files, or just using MMB as Nudel said. Things are even quicker and simpler in Powermode - just lmb on any files you want selected. Single click mode requires hovering and an annoying delay while it decides to select - a right pita.

Is there maybe a way of creating a toggle button on the toolbar that switches between single click and double click?

Yeah, i recently wondered if that´s possible (speeding the one click up a bit). So this is answered now..

[quote="nudel"]...I use Details mode. :slight_smile: (Middle-click to toggle select. Marvellous.)[/quote]Hello Leo...

How do you set middle-click to toggle select?

It's on by default (and can't be turned off) in all modes other than Power Mode (where the MMB is configurable via Preferences).

If it doesn't work for you then your mouse drivers are probably not treating the middle mouse button as a middle mouse button. See this FAQ: Logitech Middle, Back or Forward buttons don't work.

[quote="nudel"]...If it doesn't work for you then your mouse drivers are probably not treating the middle mouse button as a middle mouse button. See this FAQ: Logitech Middle, Back or Forward buttons don't work.[/quote]Hello Leo...

I read - and acted upon - that advice when it first appeared.

The Logitech MX Revolution is the best mouse I have ever used, but the Logitech Setpoint software is perhaps the most annoying package I use. I am forever having to reinstate my preferences, and somewhere along the line, I must have inadvertently clobbered the MMB setting. All OK now.


It's on by default (and can't be turned off) in all modes other than Power Mode (where the MMB is configurable via Preferences).

If it doesn't work for you then your mouse drivers are probably not treating the middle mouse button as a middle mouse button. See this FAQ: Logitech Middle, Back or Forward buttons don't work.[/quote]

I´ve turned that on, it´s not bad for using along with the one click mode. Only it´s prone to mess up the selection a bit, when klicking not properly (using that Logitech wheel-middle-click).

It´s not Dopus´ fault, though. :wink:

Yes, the MMB on many mice these days is difficult to press accurately without moving the mouse or the wheel, especially now that wheels tend to move in four directions.

The MX Revolution's MMB is good though, I'd say. SetPoint (ugh!) aside, it's definitely my favourite mouse for Windows stuff.

(I still use another mouse, an MX518, for FPS games as there I need the MMB to be very easy to push rapidly and accurately since it's my "move backwards" button. People who use WASD to move around in their games won't care either way but I've never been able to get used to that. I've given up on ever having one mouse for both games and Windows. But while it's not easy enough to push in games (as a primary movement button anyway), the MX Revolution's MMB works great for clicking on things in Opus. Highly recommended, apart from the drivers/control panel that you have to fight with occasionally.)

I have been trying out Single-Click mode for the past few days and after 30+ years of double-clicking to open files and folders, suprisingly, I have found it to be a more efficient way of working. I am getting used to hovering instead of clicking and the usual modifiers such as CTRL and SHIFT still work in conjunction with hovering in the same way as single-clicking when in double-click mode. However, from time to time it is more convenient to click on a file or file list to change the focus to a Lister window without opening the clicked file and the ability to single-click is then sorely missed. I wondered if it would be possible to add an option where Single-Click mode could be temporarily overridden/disabled by holding down the ALT key when clicking. This creates the best of best worlds; single clicking to open files but ALT+single-clicking for the usual file selection operations? I tried to find a way to configure it in the keyboard shortcuts customisation area but this is more keyboard orientated so I couldn't find a way to configure it. Is there is a way to do it? I think it would really optimise the benefit of Single-click mode.