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Single Command on Multiple Lines?


Is it possible to have one command and split it into several lines in the editor (but still work as one command)? I'm creating a couple of commands for FFmpeg with choice dialogs and the single line is getting huge. Either that or some kind of word wrap option in the editor would be helpful.


You could do it via scripting, building up the command string in parts before executing it.


OK, thanks, it's probably not something I'll look into as I was more interested in a simple word wrapping type function in the editor. Would be easier to just paste the command into Notepad++ and edit there.

On a related note, does a single line have a character limit?


If you're using "MS-DOS Batch Function" mode you could try this:

( the complete line must not exceed the maximum line length of ~8192 characters (XP/Vista/Win7)