Size styles buttongroup

I have a vertical oriented monitor. On my lowest toolbar I have the buttons: Styles, then a Spacer, then some other buttons, then again a spacer, then a filter-group.

I want to size the styles button to show as much as possible. I can't. Not even when I remove the first sizer.
It is possible on a new toolbar.

and ... tomize.png

How will I size the styles button after all on this toolbar?

The second spacer is "full-width", try turning that off (or removing the second spacer entirely) by right-clicking it while in customize mode.

Thanks leo. I removed the first one completely. (I never realized I needed all the space)
How does the full width spacer estimate it's space?

Full-width spacers use all remaining space. The styles tabs and things like the Location and Filter fields can also be full-width.

If you have more than one full-width thing on the same toolbar then they will share the remaining space.

The thing is, when I insert a full-width spacer after the Styles, then the middle buttons and then a non-full-width spacer, I expected the non-full-width spacer to align my middle buttons from the right side, depending on the size of this spacer, and then I hoped a full-width spacer would fill the space between the Styles and the middle buttons on the left side.
But everything is probably aligned to the left.
But I got what I wanted. Thanks again.

I think each full-width item should get 50% of the remaining space if there are two of them.