SkyDrive Pro context menu appears multiple times

In my Installation while using DOpus on a machine which has SkyDrive Pro installed issues happen related to context menu of DOpus.
The entry for SkyDrive Pro is added many times.... - adding more identical entries in addition.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the redundant entries?
Uninstall and Reinstall of DOpus i did already. But nothing changed..


Which versions of Opus and Windows 8.x are you seeing this with?

Windows 8.1 - fully updated

What's SkyDrive Pro? Is that some third party tool?

Please try with the current version of Opus as recent updates included a fix for multiple menu items appearing in another case. I don't have access to SkyDrive Pro to test it, but the fix may apply to what you're seeing as well.

And what do you see in Windows Explorer?

SkyDrive once here.