Slant best file manager for windows 2019

Slant is doing another which is the best file manager for windows please go and vote for Opus

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I have read through the cons and most are wrong in my opinion. These polls really wind me up.

The installer weighs in at 50MB and the app directory is over 95MB.

How is this a con? It's 2019, not 1990.

Product is licensed on a "per-machine basis" requiring purchasing multiple expensive licenses to cover a single user with multiple machines. However, if you have time and luck, you can write to the DO sales department and they can produce another license for you to use personally on another machine you own.

I may be wrong but I believe this is erroneous as well. Expensive is his opinion, certainly not mine.

Takes a long time to become efficient with it. Mastering all the features can be rather exhausting.

That simply isn't a con. It's a file manager, not notepad.

Only available for Windows

Once again, this is not a con in my opinion.

And since this layout setting is rather the step-child of the developers, it also is a bit buggy and not of top priority as far as fixing any issues with it.

Most software has bugs. The difference with DO is that these "bugs" get resolved pretty quickly, sometimes on the same day. I believe bugs are one of the top priorities for the developers. This is libel.

These comments are obviously made by someone who has tested it for five minutes.

The only way to get a right sided tree is to display both panes in horizontal layout and then switch the first (upper) tree off. Which leaves you with 2 horizontal panes and one tree on the right. There is no other way (neither with 2 vertical nor with 1 pane) to have a tree on the right side. And since this layout setting is rather the step-child of the developers, it also is a bit buggy and not of top priority as far as fixing any issues with it.

When using dual-vertical file displays, each with a tree: Having the tree on the far right (T1 FD1 | FD2 T2), instead of to the left of the file display it is tied to (T1 FD1 | T2 FD2) does indeed seem a strange desire to me, but I'm not aware of any reported bugs with dual-horizontal, dual-tree mode where the tree goes on the right (T1 FD1/FD2 T2).

Maybe I've forgotten some old reports, but if so it's definitely not something that comes up often or more than one person seems to care about. :slight_smile: From a quick search, I can't find more than a couple of threads mentioning this type of layout, let alone bugs with it, in the last few years. It's not just us that doesn't think about it often; it's the entire world. :slight_smile:

Edit: Re-reading it, I see he wants something even more esoteric: FD1 | FD2 T2 (or a shared tree?).

I stopped using the folder tree two days after purchasing Opus back in 2008 and I have only switched it back on to look at new features such as the "highlighted paths to the selected folder" (which is s useful for those using it) so I guess that's why I have never noticed any bugs.

Two folder trees doesn't leave much screen estate but each to their own if that's what they prefer.

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My first reading gave me the impression (when he went through the convoluted steps of the horizontal listers and all that) that he wants a normal single tree, but on the right side instead of left. I agree it's weird but I have an ambidextrous dad and grew up sensitive to how he likes to use one hand for certain things and the other hand for certain other tasks and some tasks he's OK with doing in either hand. As a result of this, I have noticed he has visual preferences as well. I've almost come to think of it as an accessibility thing.

If someone's brain just works better by having the single tree on the right side, I don't see that it would hurt things very much to allow such a setting. You and @Jon are such wizards that you could probably push that out in no time.

That being said, I don't really care if this feature is added. To my visual sense, it makes more sense to have it on the left.

However, what if I grew up in a culture where my primary written language was right-to-left? I wonder what I would prefer then.

Sure, if a lot of people felt the same and asked for it, not just as a hypothetical, we could invest time into that.

But when it's just one person, and standard across almost all software that has a navigation tree, I think they have to accept things as they are, and that our time is better spent working on things that more than one person benefits from. :slight_smile:

It's not bad to want things no one else wants, but it's strange to put them on a website for people who are trying to decide what to buy, when no one else cares about such a thing.

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I voted and added a little review. My love for DOpus is unconditional :slight_smile:

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I'm glad that all three of my most favorite file managers are in the top three!

Only available for Windows

I disagree. I see this as a praise masked as a con. DOpus is too good and they are salivating and want to see it on other operating systems, but couldn't.

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Good point actually :ok_hand:

I voted too! DOpus is industry-level. Its the KRS-One of file managers = Tha teacha!