Sleeping HDD, directory opus slowdowns when interacting with tab

Would like to ask, can something be done for cases when accessing Tabs (sleeping HDD) so we don't get app hang up for some seconds.

I could imagine it like this, you click tab, and if it requires to wake drive, tab will get an spinning icon, but entire app will remain responsive, once done - indicator goes away, and tab is ready to go.

Because recently it felt like you can get into similar situation even when you simply close tabs. Drive is sleeping, you click middle mouse button to close tab, but app now will hang up and only shortly after tab will go away.

If for such tiny thing it require to create additional system or layer, then probably it's not worth it.

Not easily.

Also, in my experience, sleeping HDDs get woken up constantly by something in the system that you can't do anything about, which just adds a lot of extra wear on the drives vs leaving them spinning all the time. It seems pointless to me these days (which is a shame, as it'd be nice to have HDDs for extra space but not have the noise of them or have to put them in another part of the house).

Wouldn't DO add to this problem if a path or drive is opened in any tab? I noticed that there is a delay / app hang when dragging files over tabs, which are "offline" (network locations). Unless I really drop files there, is there a need to reactive anything and / or causing a delay? No offense, serious question to understand and find proper solutions one day.

I also recently discovered, there is an interesting option in the Prefs:

It does not help to keep disks down, does it? A file change is probably enough to wake a drive. Some kind of real "hibernate" mode for tabs could be useful maybe. I also found a setting in my text editor of choice to not check files for updates whenever it is activated, it made a difference.

If you can get every application to not touch things when not needed, maybe the drives will finally keep sitting at 0 rpm? o) You would need to tell windows defender and search indexer etc. to behave.

Off topic, just ignore if nobody is interested:
I solved the "spinning up" hard drives problem for now by putting each drive into a separate little computer (Futro S720). If the computer shuts down, there is no spin up anymore, unless I "Wake on LAN" the computer / drive again. It also saves power and noise (0.25W standby for each drive / computer). You can get the Futro S720 for 8 EUR in Germany if you buy 10 pieces at once. You also need a buck converter (to add a 12V rail) and a little relays. The parts raise costs to 10 EUR per machine (which are 1.6Ghz dual cores with 4GB RAM incl. 8GB SSD). This fit's a free Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V installation barely but runs quite nice. The best NTFS / Samba file server little money can buy? o) Adding 10 more 3.5" HDDs, will only eat 2.5W from the wall while everything is in standby making absolutely no noise at all. It takes around 20-25 seconds from WOL to file access.

Sorry for the off topic, but it's a real problem, these spinning disks.
I found an image of a Futro S720 and a cat, you can't be angry now. o)