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Slideshow on search result?


I save my photos in D:\Pictures and categorize them by location or date.

I have D:\Pictures\2014\New York, which contains photos I took when I was traveling in New York.
I have D:\Pictures\2013\London, which contains photos I took when I was traveling in London.
I have D:\Pictures\2013\Hawaii, which contains photos I took when I was traveling in Hawaii.

I want to have a random, cross folder slideshow. In standard Windows Explorer, I can search * in D:\Pictures and it will list all photos. Then I click any photo and Windows Picture Viewer runs where if I enter slideshow, it is somehow based on the search result.

One limitation in Windows Explorer and Windows Picture Viewer is that I cannot eliminate certain folders. For example, I cannot have a random slideshow based on all folders in D:\Pictures except D:\Pictures\2013.

How I wonder if it is possible in Directory Opus to have slideshow on search result, and even overcome the limitation I mentioned in Explorer?


There's a Slideshow button on the default toolbars, and that works in Find Results the same as in normal folders.

To search while excluding a folder, use Tools > Find Files > Advanced. How to filter items by location or sub-folder in the FAQs discusses how to set up the filter.


I tried the function but it fails to work.

I go to D:\Pictures, on top right corner, I search *.
I set filters to .jpg and .jpeg. Thus the search result only shows pictures.

Then I select one picture and click slideshow button. It only shows pictures in the same folder of the one I selected.

Did I do it correctly?