Slightly more complex wildcard filters


I'm trying to add some color to my file listing in an effort to better eyeball what is and is not in the folder for auditing purposes. I'm quite sure that I'm close to the right answer, but want to defer to this community to help me out.

Here are my (attempted) Wildcard Filters

my attempted labels

Here is the lister output*

example output

My hope is that one of you will have a "duh, you do this" instruction that I can benefit from.

Thanks in advance.

It looks like the first one is working, at least for the examples given, so I would start by making the others similar, and see how that works for your filenames.

i.e. Remove the ' characters from the 2nd example, and change the ( and ) to use * wildcards in the last example, so it is more like the first example.

But maybe those things were put there to try to do something?

Regarding the first example, that will match anything with Fig followed by a space, then anything else, then another space, and then one of the Images extensions. Is that what you want? Do you want to only match files with at least two spaces after the Fig, as well as files with things before the Fig?

That was great advice. Thanks so much!

Here's a quick look in order to close the loop (and help any future visitor to this thread). My problem was that I was searching for AND modifiers when all I had to do was just put the things in a line and boom. works.)


Take care!

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