Slow Context Menu after Update to 12.29.1 Beta

Earlier today, I updated to Dopus 12.29.1 Beta. Since then, even after rebooting, my right click context menus in Dopus are very slow (up to a minute). File Explorer shows them instantly.
Any Ideas on where I could look to diagnose and fix this?

Would it be possible to make a Process Monitor log of what happens during a slow right-click?

The right context slow issue occurred on my OneDriver folders and files.
We followed your diagnostic procedures outlined here:

Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files

In my case, the issue was with CLSID related to iCloud slowing context menu for folders and files in OneDrive. This is the CLSID:


Per your instructions in the aforementioned procedure, we added this CLSID to Opus Preferences Ignore_Context_menus.

We restarted Opus and this resolved the slow context menu issue.

Thanks again for a great product and for your superior customer support!

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The ProcMon log could still be useful for working out why it became slow after the beta. (Assuming it wasn't coincidence with an iCloud update as well.)