Slow folder changes on some folders

I see rather severe delays when viewing (opening in a lister) certain folders.

The problem is also independent of PDF-XChange Editor.

For example, it takes several seconds for the folder shown below to be listed, every time it is displayed. Other folders with fewer or even many more items on the other hand appear without delay in a fraction of a second.

If such folders with delayed display are moved or copied somewhere else, then sometimes the delay disappears completely.

It is also not due to the enabled folder size calculation, since many folders appear instantaneously, which also have numerous subfolders of various sizes.

These are the only shell extensions I still have enabled at all:

The delays can be between 3 to 5 seconds when opening a folder. The delays also occur when opening the same folder again within, say, the same minute. After opening the same folder several times, the delay disappears for a while, but then comes back.

Please let me know what could be the reason for this issue?

Some of the handlers that are still enabled (Link Shell Extension) could be involved (and have caused issues in the past Crash Related to Link Shell Extension and a Junction - #6 by andersonnnunes, although it was fixed in an update and is usually fine).

If it doesn't seem to be caused by a shell extension, the best thing to do is move files out of the folder until it stops happening, then narrow down which file or type of file is triggering the problem.

Make sure none of the shortcuts (.lnk files) point to things on the network that don't exist, or would be slow to query.

If you still can't track down the trigger, please make a Process Monitor log of what happens:

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Sure enough, every "slow folder" contained a