Slow FTP upload transfer

Hi !

I see a lot of post with this problem and looks like it's not really solved. When I use DOpus for making upload with FTP, I'm stuck with a very slow speed (8mbit/s), the same server, same time with FileZilla, 700mbp/s. I tried to change the copy_buffer_size options but still the same. Why not using the FTP lib from filezilla ?

For me it's a very bad point for DOpus,I love this software but it's too bad to see this part forget.

Someone can help me or is it possible to fix it ? Thanks

There's probably no setting you can change that will help at the moment.

We are going to be replacing the FTP and SFTP code with a new library which should resolve these issues (and some others). That's the first big piece of work we have planned for Opus 13, once the dust settles on the initial release, and will be included in a free update.

(It's a problem for me as well now I have much faster upload speed on my internet.)


Oh nice ! That's a very good news ! Thanks a lot !

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