Slow Lister On Initial Load

Since updating to 12.27.2 beta, I've noticed a much slower load time for my first Lister to open.
I have Dopus loaded (without showing a lister). When I click my Dopus icon to open a lister, it is taking about 12-15 seconds to open. If a Lister is already open, additional listers open immediately.
My other applications open without any delay.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

Which folders are loading when the window opens?

Any that point to network machines that are unreachable?

What about toolbar buttons or icons; do any reference network machines that are unreachable?

The other main possibilities are script add-ins and shell extensions causing delays.

I haven't knowingly changed anything in Dopus and I believe it was faster prior to latest update. File Explorer opens without any delay. I was hoping there was a Dopus startup log file with timestamps that could show me where the delays were occurring. Alternatively, I guess I could setup a Performance Monitor to try and locate the delays. Any other suggestions you may have would be appreciated.

You could use Process Monitor to see which paths or registry settings are being accessed around the time of the delay.

Checking CPU/disk/network usage via Task Manager may also be worth a try. For example, if an antivirus tool is using lots of CPU during the startup, it might be scanning something.

You can also send us process snapshots taken during the delay: Manually generating process snapshots