Slow loading images

I have images doesn't matter what type double clicking on them in Directory Opus takes ages to load a preview of them. However If I set the images to load with irfanview they are really fast to load.

This has to be a directory opus fault or is it how Directory opus operates.

What kind of images?

How large are they (dimensions and file size)?

usually about 5mb but if I set irfanview to open these images they load fast. Thats why I thought I'd mention it in case its a fault your end. Usually JEPG but can also be Tiff, PNG etc.

They should load quickly. If their dimensions are very large and you have the viewer set to scale the images down then that can take a moment but not usually very long.

Are we talking about the Opus image viewer here? You mentioned double-clicking but not what was handling the double-click.

When i double click the image it takes a long time to load. I assumed it was the one inside directory Opus as I hadn't changed it at that point. Is the internal viewer always set on by default. Never changed it, since installing directory opus.

I then changed it the viewer to irfanview to see if that would speed up image loading and it did.
What I will do is a fresh install over the weekend and see if that helps. Though the irfanview work seem to have solved my problem round.

Will post a screenshot tomorrow as i'm now away from my computer affraid.

If you can't tell which program the viewer is, post a screenshot and we can tell you if it's the Opus viewer.

Do you get a similar delay loading images into the preview pane?

Reinstalled Directory Opus and that fixed the problem. One of my IT people at work said it was a windows update that had caused the fault with Opus to load images slowly. Reinstalling slolved the issues thanks for your help should have tried that in first place