Slow loading unless "display generic icons" is on

Lately it is taking a very long time to load a new directory.
Reading FAQ I have tried to set "Display generic icons for all folders".
It then loads very fast...but no icons for exe and lnk.
I have rebuild XP icon cache,but it did not help.
Any advice?Thanks.

If loading the icons is causing a slow-down then it's probably because you've got a shell extension installed which provides special icons or icon-overlays for files, and it's running slowly (at least within Opus) for some reason.

Use ShellExView to get a list of your shell extensions and sort it by the Type column. Look at the Icon Handler ones and find any that aren't made by Microsoft or GP Software. If there are any, try disabling them to work out which one is causing the slowdown. Let us know what you find and we can work out why it's going wrong.

Only IconHandler present are MS or Dopus.
In fact it's not the Icons which are slow to appear :while changing folder or HD,it takes 3 to 10 sec until I see folders or files at all,all the while white page only (even if there is only 15 folders to show).It is only when I set "Display generic ..all folder" that I see instantly the new lister.But then no icons for exe or links.

If it may help someone:the problem was caused by removing some registry keys left over by MS office after I uninstalled it.