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Slow preferences search

Preferences search process is too slow. It takes more than 6 sec to find simple word. See attached video (wrong cropped, but I searched “title”). When I know right path to particular setting I go there much faster by hand… Why search is so slow?

The search works by creating and initialising all the page dialogs in the background first, and then searching their controls. That takes time unfortunately. If you try searching again however it should be much faster as the dialogs only need to be built once (until you close Preferences and re-open it).

While generating the search index takes a short time the first time it is done, it doesn't usually take as long as it does in your video.

Assuming the video isn't from a very old/slow machine or one that was under heavy CPU load at the time, the cause might be that certain pages in Preferences are taking a long time to populate for some reason. Tracking down particular pages that take a long time might reveal what's happening.

(e.g. Close Preferences, then re-open it, then click the very first page. At the bottom of the dialog there are up and down buttons that move to the next page. Click the down button to move through all the pages and see if any of them take a long time to appear.)

We have also seen cases where antivirus makes initialising dialogs take a very long time, for some reason. (That can also affect the Tools > Find Files dialog.)