Small bug report:"Operation not supported by this VFS plugin

I assigned Ctrl + Delete as a shortcut to remove files from collections, since I use collections a lot.

However, when I accidentally press Ctrl + Delete somewhere else than in collections, DOpus would show a popup: Error while deleting (my files). The operation is not supported by this VFS plugin.

Oh dear...

That's normal... you're trying to REMOVECOLLECTION against a file that is not in a file collection. You can smooth this out by modifying your current command which is probably running 'Delete REMOVECOLLECTION' to 'Delete REMOVECOLLECTION=auto' instead.

That said... not sure what version of Opus you're running, but you shouldn't really need to do this as of v10.0.4.0 (can't remember when this change was actually made). Several releases ago GPsoft made a change based on user requests so that the default key behavior inside File Collections was indeed to just remove the file from the collection. Using <Shift+Delete> will then delete the file for real.... So, do you really need a separate keystroke at all then? This change helped me avoid needing to do that, and was much appreciated...

Erm... are you sure about that? :slight_smile:

Seems like Delete REMOVECOLLECTION=auto SHIFT RECYCLE is required for that.

Indeed, but I prefer to keep my settings here:
Delete to send files to Recycle Bin from everywhere
Shift + Delete to delete files (I don't like the idea to have a different behaviour for Shift inside or outside collections.)
Ctrl + Delete to remove from collections

So, in my opinion what I explained above is still a (small) bug because in normal folders we aren't in a VFS. In the best case, Delete REMOVECOLLECTION would do nothing outside collections.

Maybe I'm missing something... but stop using that command. Switch it to 'Delete REMOVECOLLECTION=auto'...? What's the issue with switching the command...?

Erm... are you sure about that? :slight_smile:[/quote]
Erm... no I'm not I guess - LOL. And here I thought it strange I couldn't track down the change notice in any of the release announcements... I realize now that I just modified my hotkey to run 'delete removecollection=auto'. Woops, but credit still goes out to adding the =AUTO option!

And there I was, actively missing something... namely - what I was reading. You want it to do "nothing" outside of collections. Oh...

And there I was, actively missing something... namely - what I was reading. You want it to do "nothing" outside of collections. Oh...[/quote]

Yes, as the help file says: "Delete REMOVECOLLECTION: Same behaviour as before; this will remove files from a collection and will do nothing in a normal folder" The bug is that it does something: it shows a popup!

It's showing an error message because the function doesn't make sense within the context you're running it in.

It isn't doing anything to the files. That's what the manual means when it says the command doesn't do anything in this context.

I don't really think this is a bug. The only thing that is really wrong here is that the error message mentions VFS plugins when no plugin is involved; so maybe the error text should be changed. Or maybe the hotkey should do nothing when pushed, but it's not really a bug and no harm is done.

(And, in a way, it's clearer to be told why nothing happens when you push the hotkey than to have to wonder. Presumably you are pushing the key with the expectation that something will happen -- otherwise why are you pushing the key in the first place? -- so Opus telling you that there was an error is helpful rather than a bug, even if the error message isn't quite right?)

I agree this error message doesn't do any harm to the files; only the fact that the message it contains isn't the right one: DOpus didn't try to delete files, but remove from collection, and didn't use any VFS.

It just happens to me from time to time, accidentally, since I use Delete, Shift Delete and Ctrl Delete in different contexts and sometimes I just press the wrong key. And, as a personal preference, I would prefer not to be shown the popup at all, since I consider that I can see if DOpus did something and, on the other hand, I know I defined this Ctrl Delete myself and I realize I pressed the wrong key and DOpus can't do anything in this folder, because it's not a collection.

Any news about a decision to show a comprehensive message or no message at all?

This is pretty low priority on our list, to be honest. Trying to remove things from a collection when not in a collection doesn't make sense, and nothing bad happens if you do try.