Small Feature request: disable mouse item selection while actively typing in the FAYT box

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that everyone is having a great holiday season! I just have a small feature (or rather tweak) request for consideration. I'm not sure if the behavior from DOPUS12 changed but in DOPUS13 when you are using the FAYT with single click mode enabled and a good number of files in the current folder the FAYT matches will be overridden and instead entries under the mouse will be selected. In addition, each time a file under your cursor is selected it resets the FAYT bar, which essentially forces you to move your mouse out of the lister to use FAYT. Would it be possible to have an option to disable single click mode's mouse hover select while the FAYT bar is active?

I have attached a video below as an example of the issue where you can see I'm trying to type something out but every time the horizontal position of the scrollbar moves the mouse selects a new item and resets the FAYT bar:

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