Smart Favorites System-Wide Hotkey

Hi, as the title implies, I am unable to assign a system-wide hotkey for smart favorites. If I go to Settings>Customize>Keys>Add a new key, then I assign a hotkey at the command editor, as a Function I have the option to choose "Favorites Smart" but I doesn't work anywhere (not even inside dopus). The only option I found to assign a hotkey that is working to smart favorites is to select customize and then drag the smart favorites icon to my toolbar and then without closing the customize window, right click on the toolbar icon and then assign it a hotkey from there that works but without the option to make with System-wide hotkey.

The Smart Favorites command generates a list of smart favorites on whichever toolbar or menu you place it.

It needs to be placed on a toolbar or menu, and won't turn into a pop-up menu.

You can sort-of do what you want by placing the Smart Favorites command on a new toolbar, then using the Toolbar command on a hotkey to open it like a pop-up menu, but it doesn't work great with toolbars whose width and height changes dynamically each time they are opened.

Toolbar NAME=MyToolbar FLOAT=active,vertical,noframe,toplevel AUTOCLOSE