Software encoder keyword for SetAttr META

What is the keyword to add software encoder ?

Any news about this :confused:

I don't know about the rest of the people, but I believe you need to clarify your question...


Regards, AB

If you want to add/delete tag to file, we can use SetAttr META with keyword (e.g. SetAttr META encoder:Me to add or SetAttr META encoder:* to delete).

In July 2016, new tag 'Encoding Software' tag was created.

Problem, we can add tag with meta pane, display column with {mp3encodingsoftware}, but I need to know keyword to add/delete tag with SetAttr command.

Any news about this ? :blush:

The Keywords for Columns and for SetAttr META "... are two separate sets of metadata keywords, and although the two sets are similar, they are not identical." (from Opus Help)

There is nothing like "mp3encodingsoftware" in the Keywords for SetAttr META, so I am afraid you are out of luck for the moment.

Sorry to insist but any chance to have new keyword to delete/add mp3 encoding software :worried:

This was added in July 2016, the keyword is "encodingsoftware".