Some functions in non standard folders not available


when having a lister in some special folders (like desktop or mycomputer) several commonly used functions are not available:

  1. moving a folder back with BACKSPACE
  2. moving to a new folder by just typing the name of the folder like: c:\funnyfolder\etc
    This behaviour can succesfully simulated by pressing Shift-Enter.

Is there a way to configure this and if not is this a bug or a feature?

I feel quite uncomfortable first having to think about where I am in the folder tree before "intuitively" navigating with the keyboard.


Virtual system folders like Desktop and My Computer are handled by Explorer running inside of Opus.

For Desktop, go to /DesktopDir instead, which is the real folder containing your files. (/DesktopDir is a folder alias. You can use it in Opus and Opus will automatically work out the appropriate folder for your username and version of Windows.)

Alernatively, go to Settings -> Preferences -> Folders -> Virtual Folders and turn on Tread the following virtual folders as real, then add Desktop to the list. After doing that Opus will automatically show /DesktopDir whenever you are in Desktop.

thanks, leo.

This helped me to fix this for desktop. Is there a solution for "my computer"?

This is especially interesting/important as I like to use the STRG+rightclick to navigate and the drive list is the best place for this.

Sadly this fails the way it is right now.


I don't think there's a way to change what happens in My Computer. At least not a good way. (You might be able to do it by messing around with filetypes in the registry but I wouldn't recommend it.)

Have you ruled out using drive buttons on your toolbar to do the same sort of thing?