Some improvments needed

Hi Folks!!!!

First of all, big thanks for all Directory Opus programmers, this is a very good software.
Newly registered user and very happy with it :slight_smile:

We can do a lot of things but some things are missing
(hope thoses improvments will be in a future release like directory Opus 10 :slight_smile: )

Will be usefull to implement:

  • A Search and Replace function in a whole directory:
    For example I need to search a text in all files in a directory and want to replace this text by another one.

  • A Disk Usage Space Analyser
    Want to know which are the top 10 big files in a directory (and sub-directories too) without to browse and recalculate all directories size

We thoses improvment Directory Opus will be 100% perfect (for me of course)

If you have feature requests to make, remember to send them to GPSoftware unless you want to discuss them with other people here first.

Also, when posting, please stick to one thing per thread in general. See the FAQ for reasons.

I always use a text editor for doing this. I guess having it in Opus wouldn't be a bad thing but there are already some tools that you can integrate into Opus fairly well to do the job.

If you want to see the biggest files in all subdirectories, turn on Flat View -> Mixed (No Folders) and then sort by size.

As a fellow newcomer, I step in to suggest that many of the things that you may at first think are missing from DOpus are probably buried somewhere within its entrails.

It is just hard to find them. The manual is already big enough and including all the wrinkles would make it truly massive.

(Does any university run degree courses in DOpus?)

The next time you find something that you'd like to do, spend a bit of time searching the archives here. You may, if you are lucky, find what you want.

Sometimes you may have to try variants on the words you want, as users have been known to make mistakes in their spelling.